Mimetic-Mhouse® is a multi-capture trap for mice and rats. It is born from our thirty years of civil and industrial disinfestation experience and it is world-patented.

Mimetic-Mhouse® is very robust and durable in time since it is completely made of galvanized metal. For this reason Mimetic-Mhouse® is suitable for outdoor use in any weather condition.

Mimetic-Mhouse® does not use poison, does not need network power supply nor batteries. Mimetic-Mhouse® is completely mechanical and doesn’t need maintenance except the positioning into operation.


Through the natural flavours the alpha male is attracted into the trap leaving odorous traces that will be followed by the other individuals of the colony. Mimetic-Mhouse® is thus able to completely eradicate the entire mice colony.





The rodent, caught within the trap, once entered, is no longer able to get out, remaining locked inside a special ABS tub without contaminating the environment. Mimetic-Mhouse® is hygienic because along with the rodent it also retains its parasites (fleas, ticks).

Mimetic-Mhouse® is the only trap in the world that allows the operator to choose how and if to eliminate the captured.





The use Mimetic-Mhouse® is simple. Once to placed it in the infested place or premises you must only wait for it to do its job.

Being Mimetic-Mhouse® a no poison trap, it can be used in places where people live or where food is stored or prepared.





Being a multi-capture trap, Mimetic-Mhouse® is able to continue to capture rodents without having to be constantly emptied. This involves fewer check and verification steps.





Mimetic-Mhouse® does not require any special maintenance after positioning, except periodic checks. It is easy to disassemble, washable and reusable for infinity.





Mimetic-Mhouse® is available in four different sizes, from S for Mus musculus to XL for Rattus norvegicus, through M and L sizes for intermediate species. Mimetic-Mhouse® is designed for interior and exterior, indistinctly, and therefore fits to all working conditions, climates and temperatures, being mechanically engineered and entirely made of galvanized metal.

There is therefore a Mimetic-Mhouse® for every need.





Mimetic-Mhouse® is also equipped with a wide range of accessories, such as camouflage covers, which make it more suitable for various environmental needs.


Mimetic-Mhouse has another important advantage: it can be made camouflage to its surroundings, using the cover that blends best with the context so as to make it indecipherable and invisible, even to the most discerning eye.


Mimetic-Mhouse completely eliminates the infestation. It is able to capture animals live, giving them food and water; or by just adding water, it kills in an automatic, cruelty free and fast way. Safely controlling pests in sensitive places where there are children or pets isn’t a danger anymore thanks to Mimetic-Mhouse!

MIMETIC-MHOUSE 2.0 is the new frontier of pest control. Save time and money!

Every Mimetic-Mhouse can be equipped with a dedicated wireless capture sensor connected to a central unit which, with a dedicated signal sent directly to a PC or Tablet, alerts you to any new captures allowing you to plan interventions ad-hoc, saving you time and money. Mimetic-Mhouse 2.0 is the ideal solution for real time capture updates in sensitive environments like schools and hospitals, the food industry, livestock farms, etc.

Mimetic-Mhouse uses only natural lures.

Created to eliminate rodent neophobia, allowing them all the time necessary to believe they are safe and start feeding. This is how Mimetic-Mhouse gets the whole colony!

The very fact that Mimetic-Mhouse doesn’t use poison bait but only natural lures, allows them to be placed risk-free and without limit in any context i.e. playgrounds, schools, hospitals etc. guaranteeing hygiene and discretion.


  • the most cutting edge poison-free system for multiple captures of mice and rats that uses only natural attractants .
  • allows for a live capture option .
  • hygienic : the capture is conserved in a dedicated container at the base of the system in a chemical free natural solution; removal is simple thanks to a dedicated sack that eliminates any and all contact.
  • made of galvanized steel, reusable, demountable, washable .
  • mimetic thanks to its camouflage design, making it unrecognizable as a normal mousetrap.
  • can be customized with a wide range of covers to suit your needs.
  • For these reasons Mimetic-Mhouse can be used anywhere (schools, public parks, hospitals, offices, farms and wherever pests are found).
  • foolproof , captures continuously and immediately eliminates the entire murine colony in a given environment, avoiding suspicion among rodents.
  • eco-friendly and works immediately after placement without batteries as it is mechanical.